martes, 24 de junio de 2014


Hello everyone, finally I can proclaim that my 1º Hentai Fanzine, "Pirates VS Ninjas" is on sale in DLsite

70 pages of perversion and entertaiment, where you can will see answered the eternal question, "who is stronger?, A pirate or a ninja?".

This Fanzine is a parody of Naruto and One Piece, and I expect that everyone can enjoy it. If this fanzine sell well I have a lot of plans for more hentai and vore comics in the future, in fact I have the translations of the Pirates 2 and 3, and two friends are translating in this moment the Pirates 4, and another Hentai Fanzine with original storys more Hardcore.

Please, support me in this new adventure XD.

See you later.


2 comentarios:

Hinekoumori dijo...

Estoy masturbosamente complacido por haber entrado hoy a leer tu blog xD

Muramasa dijo...

Buenas ;)

Esta semana te toca estar en mi sección Be My Guest :)

PD: En breves te contesto a la otra entrada, que entre ayer y hoy he estado ocupadillo.